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Warranty 產品保固

所有Moxbii/SG Design/SOLiDE/Caudabe/Araree 產品皆使用高品質與先進的製程生產製造,並有嚴格的製造標準與品質控管測試。除指定產品外,一律提供三十天的有限保固服務。若非產品出現問題,不論購自本公司官方網站或認可零售商均不設退貨、換貨。



  • 因意外、濫用、誤用或安裝不當所造成的損害。

  • 因跌下的撞擊而損壞破裂

  • 一般正常磨損、合理變色退色。

  • 所有屏幕保護貼

  • 沒有銷售單據


若產品在正常使用下發生問題,請填寫 此保養表格,我們會盡快與你聯絡。

Moxbii  的不變黃保固服務請參閱 這裏

SOLiDE 充電線的保固服為一年12個月,請參閱 這裏








All our brands including Moxbii/SG Design/SOLiDE/Caudabe/Araree are manufactured under state of the art technology and strict QC tests. Except specific products, a 30-day limited warranty is provided. All products purchased from our official online store or authorized resellers are not subject to refund and exchange. 


The warranty do not cover the following situations and products:

  • due to misuse, accident, abuse of use or improper installation.

  • damage due to an accidental drop

  • normal wear, scratches and tear from daily use of product

  • all screen protectors 

  • lack of sales invoices 


For Moxbii Anti Yellow warranty, please click here.

For SOLiDE Charging cables warranty, please click here.

For other products warranty, pease click  here.


All manufacturers reserve the right to change design, materials or specifications without any early notifications.   


Please complete the warranty form here. 


Once the returned products are determined to be defective, we will provide free repair or provide exchange of products of the same value. Products are to be returned though local flat mail. 


We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or accident due to use of our products. For example, mobile handset malfunctions.

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